What can Mentor do for your organization?

Strengthen your competitiveness

With Mentor, you can analyze skill levels, proactively increase your strength work and align your Learning and development initiatives with the objectives organizations. With Mentor, learning will be available at the precise moment when you need it.

Empower your collaborators

Drive team engagement with modern, intuitive design and learning paths flexible with classified and personalized content that helps achieve objectives specific issues and solve day-to-day problems at work.

Quality and integrated content

We are a specialized and intelligent knowledge platform that integrates different types of content and resources to offer a unique, practical and easy-to-use learning journey assimilate.


Mentor offers a highly scalable learning environment, designed to adapt and grow easily

Learning tactics

Mentor supports social learning, self-directed learning (SDL), directed training (ILT) and blended learning (Blended), a variety of different learning tactics to better involve different students.

Tácticas de aprendizaje

Mentor admite el aprendizaje social, el aprendizaje autodirigido (SDL), el entrenamiento dirigido (ILT) y el aprendizaje combinado (Blended), una variedad de tácticas de aprendizaje diferentes para involucrar mejor a diferentes estudiantes.

Our plans

Mentor memberships


US$ 200 / Anual por usuario
  • Mínimo 5 usuarios, hasta 5 usuarios mentores.
  • Viajes de aprendizaje, cursos de autoaprendizaje.
  • Informes de aprendizaje.
  • Autoevaluación.
  • Soportes ilimitados en la plataforma.
  • Aprendizaje social.
  • Certificados digitales de las asignaturas que superes.
  • Acceso a actualizaciones.
Ideal para equipos pequeños.


US$ 300 / Anual por usuario
  • Incluye todos los beneficios de la membresía del equipo.
  • Mínimo 51 usuarios, hasta 100 usuarios Mentor.
  • Acceso a material premium.
  • Tutoría personalizada (5 horas de consultoría especializada al mes).
  • Descuentos exclusivos en cursos de certificación de Kanban University, SAFe, ICAgile, Scrum Alliance, Happy Melly y más.
Ideal para medianas empresas.


  • Si no puede encontrar lo que está buscando, permítanos construir una solución de acuerdo a sus necesidades.
La mejor solución para grandes empresas.
Póngase en contacto con nuestro equipo.
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Experience a personalized, intelligent and high-value knowledge experience.

FAQ / Business Mentor

For business clients there are 3 types of memberships. The type of membership will depend on the number / quotas of users on the platform.

Team: Ideal for small teams.
Enterprise: Ideal for medium-sized companies.
Large: The best solution for large companies.

You will be able to have unlimited access to all our courses in the catalog, according to the type of membership that suits you best, as well as benefits and exclusive services for the community.

Easy! you can pay through our payment gateway. You can get the annual membership, which allows you to access a very varied course offer and a personalized and memorable user experience. You can also make monthly payments.

When you cancel your membership, you will not be able to access any of your courses. Access will be blocked and to enter them again you should enable your membership.

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